Holidays in Mykonos: what about kids?

Holidays in Mykonos: what about the kids?

However odd this may sound, it is a question frequently asked by families planning their holidays on the legendary “island of the winds”: should they take their children along with them or is Mykonos a not at all friendly spot for under aged visitors?

Mykonos With Kids

If you had to go with the stereotypes, the answer would be a big “no”, as this one-of-a-kind Aegean gem is mostly linked with adult entertainment, such as wild partying, drinking, dancing till dawn. Especially during high season, Mykonos is considered to be a free, no-boundaries zone where (almost) everything is allowed and welcome. So, one might think that Mykonos is in no way a place for kids.

Only that this is not true at all. Of course, the island is full of nightclubs and bars where celebrities from all around the world feel free to party in the craziest ways they choose; but this is just one side of this world-renowned destination. Next to breathtakingly beautiful beaches, like Paraga or Paradise, where the party starts early in the afternoon and escalates until early in the next morning, there are plenty of equally spectacular places ideal for families. Agios Ioannis, Platys Gialos, Agios Stefanos and many more beaches are perfect for an unforgettable family day by the sea. Here children can enjoy a great variety of exciting water sports and other activities, like skiing, snorkeling or even scuba diving, while their parents can quietly read their books or sunbathe.

Yes, bring your kids to Mykonos!

That’s right, just go ahead and take your kids with you. Let the young ones have the time of their life and then drive them downtown for a mouthwatering souvlaki; a typical Greek delicacy involving a crispy pie wrapped around juicy pieces of pork meat —or chicken— with tomato, onions, tzatziki sauce and French fries. Advise them to leave some room in their stomach for a super delicious and homemade ice cream or frozen yogurt and plan the most spectacular activities for the next days, like horse riding in the sunset or enjoying a special tour around the island on a sailing boat or a motor yacht. The best time of the year for a family holiday in Mykonos is in late spring (beware, though, as the sea is still cold) or in September which, according to many, is the most privileged month of the year.

Mykonos Holidays With Kids

M-One villa can accommodate up to 9 guests offering relaxing family moments by the pool.

Last but not least, keep in mind that at M Mykonos Villas we can always provide you with a qualified nanny who will take care of your little ones and set you free to take a walk on Mykonos’ wild side!

Summer loading!

Summer loading!

There is a very hard to translate proverb in Greek, meaning that once February appears one can already smell the summer («ο Φλεβάρης κι αν φλεβίσει, καλοκαίρι θα μυρίσει»). It is true that in a country like Greece, where the winters are usually mild and soft, you always have the feeling that summer is just around the corner; especially after January, when the days start to be visibly longer…

Summer Loading Mykonos

This feeling is even stronger in Mykonos, as in all the Cyclades: locals, who are usually away from their islands between November and January, when due to the rain and cold there is not much to do there, return like… migratory birds with the purpose to get ready for the new season. On every sunny day you will see them painting their houses, fixing the winter damages on their roofs, taking care of their gardens and then walking or riding down to the port for one (or more!) glasses of the traditional “tsipouro” a locally produced, very tasteful yet rather strong white spirit.

Mykonos Summer Loading

To the eyes of the visitor it is a beautiful sight and sound show: a dazzling, glittering sea in the back, colorfully dressed fishermen mending their fishnets under the sun, maybe a few really bold swimmers defying the still low temperature of the sea water and dozens of workers preparing all kinds of vessels, from small fishing boats to beautiful “kaikia” (caiques) and larger yachts for their summer journeys. All the ears can hear is the rhythmic sound of hammering and the laughter as the island is still deserted and silent.

Mykonos Summer Loading

In a few weeks time, when cafes, clubs and boutiques will be open and the first flights from abroad will have landed on Mykonos international airport, the atmosphere will be filled again with loud music and with the irresistible Mykonian air that up lifts the senses and carries promises for another spectacular summer in the most amazing island in the Mediterranean… Just stay tuned!

Winemaking in the Cyclades

Winemaking in the Cyclades

Greek people have been practicing the art of winemaking for more than 6,000 years now. From the northern parts of Macedonia, birthplace of the tasty ruby reds that carry the scents of the forests to the sun & sea-washed dry varieties growing on the island of Crete, this traditional wine-growing country has around 300 autochthonous grape “families” that come to life in more than 1,200 wineries.

Winemaking In The Cyclades

Wine also played a very important role in the Greek mythology and culture, where Dionysos was the famous –and somehow… naughty- god of the grape-harvest, winemaking and wine, of fertility, ritual madness, religious ecstasy, and theatre.

The islands of the Cyclades share a great part of this rich heritage as their microclimate allows the production of local wines with very special characteristics that are often awarded to international tasting competitions and exported all over the world. Either you travel to Mykonos, Paros and Santorini or to more remote islands, you should consider visiting local wineries, to see the vineyards and the stages of wine producing and also have the chance to walk around the cellars and listen to amazing wine stories.

Winemaking in the cyclades

The PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) Cyclades zone includes all the Cycladic islands in the southern Aegean Sea, provided that their vineyards are planted at altitudes exceeding 30m. It was established in 2008 with the purpose to reinforce the concepts of authenticity and typicality. Specific geographical boundaries and varietal compositions have been set and producers can now display vintage years of wines. The variety of the PGI Cyclades shows that all islands form a beautiful ark of Greek viticulture. You will recognize it under the names Athiri, Aidani White, Asprouda Santorinis, Assyrtiko, Gaidouria, Katsano, Kritiko, Maloukato, Mandilaria White, Muscat White, Savvatiano, Athiri Black, Aidani Black, Avgoustiatis, Vaftra, Voydomatis, Kotsifali, Mandilaria, Mavrotragano, Fokiano and more.

Although it might be a bit early to speak about wine tourism in the Cyclades –with the exception of Santorini – there is a definite rise in the production of top quality bottled wines, many of which are “born” in worth visiting boutique wineries. As for the vines they grow everywhere; on windy slopes where the dry soil is retained by low stone walls and on sandy shores where the fruits are scented by the sea breeze. Even today, throughout the Cycladic islands, vines are trained in aplotaries; the traditional way that makes them look like crawling on the ground to find protection from the strong northern winds!

So, are you looking for an unforgettable summer vacation experience that will combine relaxation, luxury and wine tasting? Book a villa with pool in Mykonos and start discovering the local wines!