Mykonos: the Most Eclectic Shopping Paradise

Mykonos: the Most Eclectic Shopping Paradise

Luxury brands and designer labels, jeweler’s boutiques, handmade accessories, art galleries, the most exclusive butchers’ shop in the Aegean area and a brand new high end shopping mall in Psarrou, the famous celebrities’ beach: all you have to do when in Mykonos is set your shopaholic instincts free and indulge yourself to what may be the most spectacular shopping experience of your life.

Shopping in Mykonos

The consumers’ paradise in Chora, the town of Mykonos, is called Matoyianni; a long, narrow paved street where shops are almost connected with each other and never close before midnight. Their colorful variety reminds of a fascinating patch-work: legendary designers’ boutiques next to bakeries, local food products stores and little white washed shops where old ladies sell handmade leather sandals.

In Matoyianni you can find almost anything you dream of and meet almost anyone who has made it to the celebrities’ report. Only a few decades ago, paparazzi would chase around Mykonos shopping center legends like Maria Callas, Grace Kelly or Jackie Kennedy Onassis. The inheritance left from this unforgettable era to the shop owners is that you treat absolutely every client like a kind, as the bearded, barefoot and almost ragged unidentified customer might very well be an incognito Oscar awarded star or worldwide tycoon.

Another area in which Mykonos merchants have become experts is efficiency and discretion when catering for their most demanding clientele. They are ready to serve their clients anytime and anywhere; might that be on a super yacht, at their luxury resort or even at their residence address back home. It is needless to add that all upscale resorts feature their own posh boutiques with exclusive signature brands.

Latest addition to the island’s shopping universe is the Nammos Mall that opened this summer on famous Psarrou beach. The shopping center is built according to the local architecture and is expected to change Mykonos’s lifestyle, offering more eclectic shopping opportunities for VIP visitors from all around the world.

Buying tips: jewelry, local products and selected souvenirs are a must. Nevertheless don’t underestimate the fact that Mykonos is a growing and fascinating art market.

Sailing Around Mykonos

Sailing Around Mykonos

When in Mykonos, sailing around its famous coastline or the neighboring islands can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Whether you choose a small dinghy (not very advisable on a windy day!) or a super-yacht, you can still discover paradises untouched by human influence.

Sailing Mykonos

Don’t forget that, along with Mykonos, the Cyclades include some of the most beautiful islands in the world. Discover amazing beaches with beautiful turquoise waters, small deserted spots ideal for snorkeling and breathtaking romantic sunsets. Be amazed by the view of tiny villages, all dressed in dazzling white, “hanging” from rocky mountainous scenery.

Everything takes a totally different dimension if seen from the deck of a luxurious yacht!

Sailing In Mykonos

To charter the boat of your dreams all you have to do is address one of the agencies operating on the island. Most of them offer a large variety of rental boats, from beautiful handmade wooden “caiques” to mega-yachts. Every boat is equipped with state of the art facilities and comes with top quality services. You can rent it for a day or more and take the opportunity to enjoy a private guided tour on the historic Delos Island with the legendary ancient temple. Afterwards, you can swim in the crystal clear waters of Rhenia Island, have a candle-lit dinner on the beach and even visit the neighboring Tinos Island, home of the greatest Greek sculptors, with its world-renowned picturesque villages!

Depending on the weather, the crew will schedule the ideal itinerary for you and make sure that you will enjoy a most memorable, safe cruise that will be carried in your heart as one of the most precious memories of your life!