The 10 best beaches in Mykonos

The 10 best beaches in Mykonos

As the plane starts descending towards Mykonos’ international airport, your breath will be caught by the beauty of the Aegean Sea lying beneath your feet; a precious azure blue “carpet” restlessly moving around small islands and solitary rocks.  During the final approach, you will be able to see dozens of small churches built on hilltops that overlook a lacy coast with dazzling golden sand beaches of all sizes… It is there where your amazing holidays in Greece will begin!

Mykonos Beach Psarou

Due to the strong northern winds —known as “meltemi”— that blow during the hot summer months, the most popular beaches in all the islands of the Cyclades are usually located at their southern coasts, offering protection from the wind gusts. Mykonos is no exception to this rule! So, if you are in for the most cosmopolitan, popular beaches with crystal clear waters that call for endless swimming and all kinds of water sports for all ages, let’s start from the southern coast of the island, with the not-to-miss top 10 list:

1. Psarou

Mykonos Beach Psarou

Located 5 km from Mykonos Town and at a short distance from M Mykonos Villas, Psarou is THE place where celebrities spend their days swimming and sunbathing! It is advisable that you make early reservations both for a sun bed and for a table at the famous, nearby Nammos all-day restaurant.

2. Platys Gialos

Located within walking distance from Psarrou, it is a usually crowded, wide sandy beach, featuring a lot of restaurants and taverns.

3. Agia Anna

Also at a walking distance from Platys Gialos, Agia Anna is a much quieter beach where you can eat really well and enjoy your swim.

4. Ornos

Only 3 km south of Mykonos town, Ornos is a family-friendly beach, featuring many restaurants serving Greek and international food.

5. Paradise

Ideal for a younger audience, this beach is a true paradise for those who love partying from noon to late in the evening, when the music is still loud.

6. Super Paradise

7 km southeast of Chora, it is a rather small, busy beach that used to be a nudists’ “shrine”. Today it is a gay paradise where the music plays loud all day.

Mykonos Beaches

7. Paraga

Quite near to Super Paradise, Paraga is a very popular beautiful beach, featuring many restaurants and bars.

8. Agrari

Many say it is the most attractive, quiet sandy beaches in Mykonos, with only one restaurant available for lunch.

9. Elia

It is an exceptionally beautiful beach, perfect choice kfor long hours of enjoying the sea and the sun.

10. Lia

About 25 minutes by car from Mykonos Town, Lia is an amazing beach, ideal for snorkeling.

During your stay in M Mykonos Villas, just ask us to arrange for you a car rental or transportation to the destination of your wish (see our VIP & Concierge Services). Whatever beach you choose, one thing is for sure: you will enjoy crystal clear waters and immerse yourself in the inimitable beauty of Mykonos!

Mykonos in spring: extreme beauty before the extreme frenzy!

Mykonos in spring: extreme beauty before the extreme frenzy!

Many Mykonos lovers insist that the true beauties of this incomparable island of the Aegean Sea reveal themselves only during springtime and fall. It’s then, when the beaches are not packed and there is room for a relaxing promenade down the Matoyianni central alley for some exclusive shopping or a dazzling cocktail drink, before an unforgettable dining experience.

Mykonos In Spring

Locals also love spring. Eager to practice their long and glorious tradition in hosting distinguished guests from all over the world, they are ready to treat the first groups like royalties; maybe as a small “test-drive” before the crowds start arriving!

However, don’t think even for a moment that this serene ambience means that Mykonos is still sound asleep in its winter hideout. On the contrary, due to its sweet and mild Mediterranean climate the island is already super alive and going strong! Temperatures in late April and May can easily climb up to 25°C or more, setting its amazing golden sand beaches in motion!

Now it’s the time to feel like Robinson Crusoe discovering the coast of the Americas, as you can visit the most remote and breathtaking beaches, without worrying about the traffic or the possibility not to find a free sun bed. You will not be alone, of course, as there are many Cyclades’ connoisseurs who know that this might be the best time of the year to enjoy the crystal clear turquoise waters and all the wonders of the sea bed. Since it is not yet time for the “meltemi” —the strong northern summer winds— you could also rent an exclusive sailing yacht and ask its crew to take you on a cruise around Mykonos and the nearby islands.

When back in town, wherever you look around you will see life: clubs, restaurants, all-day bars, taverns and shops, with their fresh whitewashed look, have their doors wide open to offer their clientele the experience of absolute private-like bliss.

Mykonos In Spring!

In spring, Mykonos town will show you its brightest and most elegant side, bringing everything into your hand while your mobile cameras will undoubtedly catch moments of fairytale beauty, like colorful bougainvilleas hanging in front of azure window panes, sunburn fishermen preparing their fishing nets and old ladies sitting in their courtyards, carefully selecting their hand-cut greens for dinner. This is also the time to visit usually crowded places, like museums, monasteries or Ano Mera, a quintessential village right in the heart of the island where you will try the famous “raki” a local completely transparent yet very strong drink.

Make your arrangements for a spring getaway in Mykonos and book a villa for you and your partner, friends or family! This way, when you come back in the heart of summer you will already know its most precious secrets!