Mykonos; a place where summer never ends

Mykonos is one of the few places that keeps up the beat of its world-renowned day-and-night life until around the end of October.

September and October are magical months in the Cyclades. The sometimes fierce “meltemi” —strong summer northeastern winds— ease down, revealing the natural calmness of the gorgeous Aegean Sea coastline. The air temperature is hot and can climb to unusual —for this time of the year— heights. The sea is even more beautiful and inviting than in the middle of the summer and swimming in its clear, azure waters becomes a real bliss. Of all the islands in this blessed corner of the world, Mykonos is one of the very few that keeps up the beat of its world-renowned day-and-night life until around the end of October.

So, in a sense, one could say that summer almost never ends in Mykonos. On the contrary, Mykonos connoisseurs insist that visiting this world-famous paradise off season, is a little bit like… owning it! You can have the best of everything; best private villa, best table in the most exclusive restaurants, best corner with a spectacular view at one of the super-trendy bars in the Little Venice neighborhood and so on. At your full disposal there are also carefully selected guided tours to churches and monasteries, museums, and wineries that produce fine local wines; plus amazing sailing opportunities, as the calmness of the sea allows comfortable journeys to near by islands like Tinos, Paros or Naxos.

In addition, during this time of the year Mykonos becomes the ideal destination for combining business with pleasure, and organizing corporate events like conferences, incentives etc. The island is well-prepared to address the needs of even the most demanding audiences, as there are many venues that offer state-of-the-art audiovisual and communication equipment for any kind of business event. Also, the level of services is very professional, and you will not have any problem finding the most dedicated specialists to create imaginative and innovative events of any kind. All you have to do is describe your needs and get more than you have been dreaming of; either it is about a most successful corporate occasion or about an unforgettable luxurious, almost private vacation in the amazing Greek archipelago.

Booking your tickets already, aren’t you?