Armenistis: The emblematic lighthouse of Mykonos

Armenistis: The emblematic lighthouse of Mykonos

Paying a visit to the imposing Armenistis Lighthouse is a must for everyone traveling in Mykonos — especially if you love taking pictures or videos of stunning sunsets!

A distant beam, randomly flashing among gigantic waves, bringing the promise of a safe harbor or alerting sailors for danger. There is no “sea-novel” or movie that doesn’t include fascinating stories and old legends about ships in storms and brave lighthouse keepers who spent their days and nights helping to save human lives at sea.

The beautiful Aegean archipelago with its fascinating golden beaches and deep blue azure waters is full of such isolated faros, as locals call them; monuments of naval history that have been shedding their guiding light for centuries. Among them, one of the most imposing is the Armenistis Faros (Lighthouse), located about 7km from Mykonos Town, in the “Fanari” area, on the north-western part of the island.

Built in 1891, Armenistis is an octagonal stone tower that stands in full harmony with the traditional Cycladic architecture. Overlooking the sea passage between the islands of Tinos and Mykonos, the lighthouse offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding Aegean Sea that at the specific spot can get pretty rough, due to the meltemi, the strong north-east summer wind. And while, during the summer, the meltemi becomes a natural air-conditioning system that keeps the temperature relatively cool and the air fresh, in the winter the northern winds can become so fierce that smaller boats need to seek for a refuge. Apparently, in 1887, on such a stormy night, the British steamship Volta sunk near the north coast of the Mykonos, leading to the construction of the 19-meter tall Armenistis Lighthouse, with the purpose to help keep ships safe.

Paying a visit to the Armenistis Lighthouse is a must for everyone traveling in Mykonos! Especially if you love taking pictures or videos of stunning sunsets and exquisite sea views, this is the perfect spot. Located in cape Armenistis, close to Agios Stefanos beach, the old historical lighthouse is managed by the Hellenic Navy’s Hydrographic Office and remains in operation. It is worth noting that the mechanism of the original lamp of the lighthouse was made in France and awarded by the International Exhibition of Paris. In 1982, Armenistis was electrified, while the original lantern has found its place in the Aegean Maritime Museum in Mykonos, which is one more reason —among thousands— to book now your villa and visit this rare Cycladic gem!

Mykonos and the "care-free" tradition

Mykonos and the “care-free” tradition

Renting a villa in Mykonos may be the absolutely best way to discover the magical secrets of this heavenly Aegean rock that proudly stands in the circle of the Cyclades, opposite to ancient, sacred Delos Island.

Living in your luxury vacation home means, among other, choosing when and how to mingle with the rocking crowds; or when and how to enjoy a perfectly relaxing and totally care-free private time with your own people.

In Mykonos, “care-free” is a tradition. Ever since the ’50s, this amazing island with the sublime, sun-washed golden sand beaches, the crystal-clear azure blue waters and the notorious nightlife is attracting world-class celebrities who fly in to enjoy not only the mild climate and one of the most beautiful coast lines in the Aegean archipelago, but also the epitome of exclusive luxury services.

And this is exactly the kind of services you can request when renting a paradise home in Mykonos, so that all your needs and desires can be looked after in the most professional and creative way:

  • Hiring well-trained multilingual reliable and discreet personnel, that includes babysitters, private chefs, butlers, security guards, and much more.
  • Access to the best agencies on the island for chartering yachts, helicopters, luxury vehicles with chauffeur services and organizing private tours and cruises around Mykonos and the greater area of the Cyclades.
  • VIP table reservations in the island’s fine dining restaurants and world-known clubs.

Nevertheless, while in Mykonos keep in mind that this spectacular place is not only about sunbathing, swimming, and partying; by hiring a private guide you will have the opportunity to discover the island’s historical sites, like Little Venice or the Armenistis Lighthouse, its religious monasteries, and monuments, like Palaiokastro and Panagia Paraportiani, and other beauties that arise from its rich heritage. Last but not least is a must-go tour around the also world-famous historical site of the neighboring Delos Island, that will take your breath with its mythological history and once-in-a-lifetime sunsets!

Our villa manager at M Mykonos Villas will handle your every request with professionalism and care, to transform your holiday into one of the most memorable experiences of your life! Learn more about our personalized services.

Mykonos: not just a "horiatiki with Feta"!

Mykonos: not just a “horiatiki with Feta”!

If France in the gastronomy guides means “fondue”, Italy means “pizza” and Germany means “sausages”, then Greece is undoubtedly listed under h for “horiatiki” (Greek salad) or s for “souvlaki”. But that is just the stereotype; for Greek cuisine is much more than the moussaka-souvlaki-and-horiatiki-with-feta cliché!

Take Mykonos for example: there is something more to this amazing island than its fascinating coastline and infamous nightlife. Greece is full of long sandy beaches, azure blue waters, and picturesque whitewashed houses; yet in Mykonos there is a special kind of energy in the air that makes everything look brighter, taste better, feel more exciting.

Foodwise, Mykonos is just the place to try mouthwatering local dishes and delicacies, both in traditional tavernas and high-end, elegant multi-awarded restaurants, either in the main town (Chora) or in villages like Ano Mera. Just make sure that at the end of your stay you will have tasted at least some of the unique products that this earthly paradise has to offer:

  • Kopanisti, a spicy, aromatic soft white cheese that perfectly pairs with small tomatoes, freshly baked bread, olives, and extra virgin olive oil. This is a perfect alternative to the emblematic “horiatiki” salad!
  • Ksinotiri, a sour cheese made by fermenting and straining buttermilk and then left out in the sun to firm. Ksinotiri is ideal both for salads and pasta.
  • Louza, spiced and cooked pork served in thin slices. Made in the first months of the winter it is left out to dry under the sun, then marinated with aromatic spices. After it matures, this notorious local delicacy can be stored in the freezer until the summer.
  • Mykonos sausage is also famous for its taste. Made from pork it has little to no fat. It is seasoned with salt, pepper and oregano and is then left out to dry.
  • Finally, do not miss the opportunity to try the traditional mostra appetizer; a combination of rusk, kopanisti cheese, fresh ripe tomato, extra virgin olive oil, oregano, capers, and olives! Along with a glass of ouzo with ice or white cold wine, mostra is the perfect entry dish after a long day on the beach.
  • As for dessert, ask for the exceptional Mykonian “melopita”; a pie made from cheese & local fine honey!

No matter what your plans are, don’t miss the chance to taste the local cuisine. And remember: if you stay with us at M Mykonos Villas, you can always ask for a hearty breakfast to kick-start your day or for a private chef to cook for you.

One thing is for sure: in Mykonos, you will never leave your stomach growling!