Mykonos beach vibes

Mykonos beach vibes!

The world-famous coastline of Mykonos offers a spectacular choice of beaches; from the endless golden sandy to the chic and small, and from the ideal-for-families to the non-stop partying!

The beaches of Mykonos are definitely one of the reasons why, ever since the ’60s, this island is one of the most sought-after luxury destinations around the globe. So, whatever beach vibe you are looking for, there is always a perfect choice to over-satisfy your wish!

From a geographical point of view, beaches in Mykonos are divided into two large categories: the (fewer) northern ones, that are exposed to the often very strong meltemi wind, offering perfect conditions for surfers of all kinds, and the more protected southern beaches, offering safe moorage to hundreds of vessels, from the tiniest fishing boats to the super-mega yachts.

In many of the organized beaches —which are the majority on the island— you will enjoy loud music, lots of dancing and amazing water-sports facilities for all ages. Don’t miss the opportunity to take snorkeling or diving lessons and explore the crystal-clear, transparent waters of the Aegean Sea. Available for you are also luxury sunbeds, first-class waiter service and a huge choice of beach bars, gourmet restaurants and fish taverns where, besides fresh fish, you can taste mouthwatering local specialties.

Of course, there are also remote, much quieter beaches — some of which are accessible only by boat.

Either you are staying in a hotel or resort, or you are lucky (aka wise) enough to be renting a private villa like M Mykonos Villas, please ask the concierge to help you make the best choice for you and (this is a must) make reservations for umbrellas and sunbeds. Keep in mind that “rush hour” on the Mykonian beaches is usually between noon to 6-7pm.

Just a few of the most iconic beaches in Mykonos are:

  • Psarou: Only 4km from the main town (Chora) and 6km from M Mykonos Villas, Psarou is a luxurious party beach, attracting celebrities and offering VIP services, plus high-end restaurants and boutiques.
  • Paradise: Home of the international hippies’ generation in the ‘70s, Paradise beach is still today one of the notorious all-day party beaches in Mykonos.
  • Super Paradise: Just around the “corner” from Paradise beach, Super Paradise is a heavenly spot for demanding swimmers, offering exclusive dining options.
  • Paraga: Located between Psarou and Paradise, Paraga beach features one of the most emblematic beach bars on the island.
  • Ornos: Another world-famous cosmopolitan beach and moorage for private yachts. The sea here is absolutely beautiful and usually calm.
  • Platis Gialos: A long, organized beach with golden sand and turquoise waters, offering sunbeds and umbrellas, water sports facilities, many restaurants and bars.