Summer 2020 in Mykonos

Summer 2020 in Mykonos!

Mykonos has been waiting patiently to welcome its first post-lockdown visitors in a summer that looks like no other summer of the recent global history. During the first wave of the pandemic, Greece has been acknowledged around the world as one of the most “covid-proof” countries, with very few casualties.

During patiently waiting, the island was getting prepared to provide its guests with the best possible safety and precaution measures that will guarantee an authentic Mykonian experience without unnecessary risk-taking.

In this battle there are some extremely strong “weapons” that must be well considered: one is the fact that Mykonos’ spectacular coastline is literally full of amazing beaches; many of them are more on the cosmopolitan side, yet very well organized and equipped for the necessary social distancing. But there are some secret paradises, most of which are accessible only by boat, that offer an almost private unparalleled swimming and sunbathing experience.

And then, there is the famous wind: blowing from the north, the traditional “meltemi” wind can get really strong, especially during the warmest hours of the day, creating ideal conditions for some of the most exciting and popular, wind-driven water sports. Available in many of the organized beaches, they will help your adrenaline rise above the clouds and will totally satisfy your need for something much more adventurous than just resting under the sun! In addition, they will offer you the opportunity to enjoy them on your own: only you, the wind, and the waves for the absolute distancing!

So, depending on your taste and… stamina you can chose the water sport of your preference among a great variety that includes the famous “banana”, tubes, parachute, surfing, wind surfing, SUP, wakeboard, kneeboard, diving, water skiing and much, much more! None of them requires professional skills or experience. You will be guided through them by qualified instructors who will make sure that you will have the time of your life, remaining safe at the same time.

Another magical, solitary experience is diving so that you can discover the underwater treasures of the crystal-clear Aegean Sea. There are many diving schools in Mykonos offering excursions to certified divers and training for beginners. The waters around the island are safe and with a high visibility. All you have to do is follow the instructions and the rhythm of your breath as you dive into the breathtaking big blue!

So what are you waiting for? Book your stay with us and get ready for an amazing summer, full of rewarding experiences!