The carefree magic of Mykonos

The carefree magic of Mykonos

When people talk about “carefree holidays”, what they usually mean is spending long hours on a sunbed at the beach, having lunch at a nice restaurant by the sea, and sipping on refreshing drinks at some picturesque open-air bar with great view.

Moreover, when they talk about carefree holidaying in Mykonos, they expect sunbeds to be made of fine fabrics and equipped with service buttons; beaches to have the most golden sand and crystal-clear waters in the Cyclades; dining options to vary between humble fish taverns and gourmet Michelin-starred restaurants, and private nightclubs to offer the opportunity of finding yourself dancing next to a world-famous celebrity. After all, this is Mykonos: a top luxury destination celebrated every summer by the most demanding travelers in the world!

Still, this is not the pure magic one should really expect from this amazing island; pure magic is enjoying full privacy in a remote beach, enjoying a glass of iced champaign and watching the famous Cycladic sunset, under the sounds of your favorite music. Pure magic is having your private chef cooking tempting specialties from all around the world and serving them at the patio of your villa or organizing a barbecue party by the pool for your friends. Pure magic is experiencing a guided tour to Delos Island to explore its famous ancient ruins when there is no one else around. Pure magic is discovering the secrets of Mykonos’ spectacular coastline from the sundeck of a chartered luxury yacht. Pure magic is to have someone taking care of every small detail of your holiday so that it will leave you the very best memories ever.

All this and more can be yours by renting a villa, like a home-away-from-home, that combines state-of-the-art amenities and exclusive VIP services with the traditional ‘easy going’ Cycladic style. Location-wise, it will be better to choose a rather quiet neighborhood, like the area of Agia Sofia, which is just a few minutes’ drive from the airport, the port and Chora — the picturesque town of Mykonos.

Staying in such a villa means that you have the whole world in your hands. Many of these elegant residences offer breathtaking views of the island and the Aegean Sea, easy access to the most popular beaches and are usually a walk away from the legendary dining, shopping, clubbing and wild partying heart of Mykonos that is an integral part of its global reputation.

In professionally operated villas, like M Mykonos Villas, visitors are provided with a wide range of exclusive, tailor-made services that include private butler and chef, pre-arrival grocery, shopping, babysitting, VIP transfers, security and much more to cover the needs of those who know that a care-free holiday is a synonym for pure magic.