Luxury digital nomads in Mykonos

Luxury digital nomads in Mykonos

It isn’t common to be mentioning Mykonos as a business traveler’s destination. Worldwide references to this spectacular Aegean rocky island are usually about its amazing golden sandy beaches, azure blue clear waters, top gastronomy, and endless partying! But now, with our world rapidly changing, there is a bright new value added to this exceptional island, as it is becoming a preferred spot for luxury digital nomads.

If your lifestyle includes long hours of working on your pc and teleconferencing; if you are a writer, journalist, business consultant, architect or practice any profession that doesn’t require your physical presence, think of Mykonos as your next and much envied “office” in the Mediterranean.

This new ecosystem of online working freelancers and executives represents a lifestyle that is becoming very popular among people around the world who perform best when they can regulate when, how and where they want to work. To them, avoiding a daily routine in some rainy, freezing cold city helps them be much happier and more productive.

So, when it comes to choosing a destination that fulfills the expectations of luxury digital nomads, it is no surprise that Mykonos scores high on the list for many different reasons. First, due to its location on the world map, Greece is a meeting point, bringing together different people from different cultures. Mykonos, besides being a recognized earthly paradise, is an island that has a lot to offer to demanding travelers, almost throughout the year, its most quiet and “deserted” period being between late November and middle March:

  • A mild climate that allows its residents the winter luxury of an outdoor lunch or a long relaxing walk along its stunning golden beaches
  • A convenient time-zone as the country is seven hours ahead of EST
  • A 12-month daily connection with Athens; the capital of Greece
  • A high-speed network for a smooth internet connection. It’s worth mentioning that, during the last 3 years, Greece has been making a digital leap, constantly improving its technological infrastructure
  • A wide range of private villas for rent that offer spectacular views, private pools and premium amenities.
  • Also, an equally wide range of eating out choices, from international restaurants to picturesque fish taverns and a plethora of cafes and bars
  • A most friendly community that consists both of locals and of foreign residents.
  • Many interesting sites to visit, like ancient ruins, Byzantine monasteries and churches, museums etc.