7 good reasons for a sweet September escape to Mykonos!

Who says that the summer is over? 7 good reasons for a sweet September escape to Mykonos!

September and early October in Mykonos feel like when someone is recovering from an exhausting hangover and is being offered an energy breakfast and a beautiful relaxing bright sunny day at the beach. Some say that this is the best time of the year to visit Greece and especially the Aegean islands, where the weather remains warm and “swimmy” until much later, as the sea is still warm. Yet, it is not the only reason why the early Greek fall until mid-October is ideal for an amazing escape to Mykonos! There are at least 6 more and we are giving them to you:

Island hopping

There may be days —even weeks— during the high season that finding ferry tickets to Mykonos can be hard. In September and October, though, while ferry itineraries don’t change much, boats are never full, and the sea passages become super comfortable.


Same applies for finding the perfect place to stay. Booking a luxury villa with a private pool and concierge service (like M-One or M-Four villas) or renting a yacht for July or August means waiting on a long line. On the contrary, when the large crowds leave, you will have a much-much greater choice!

Beach life

Seawater is still warm with an average temperature of 24 degrees Celsius. Moreover, beach bars and watersports facilities remain open, so that nothing can stand between you and an amazing day at the beach!

Your time; not theirs!

In the high season, when you try to make reservations at one of Mykonos’ exquisite restaurants, you rarely get to choose your desired dining time. Instead, you must compromise with the idea that an early dinner could very well be served long after midnight! In the Fall, just set your clock at your own time!

Dress code

As far as packing is concerned, keep in your mind that days in September are usually hot with an average daily maximum at 27°C but evenings can get much cooler. It is recommended, therefore, that you pack summer clothing and bathing suits with the addition of some sweaters and light coats.


At this time of the year, most of the island’s attractions are still open and it’s only after mid-October that they will start closing for the winter. You can still have the time of your life in one of Mykonos’ notorious night clubs. As for the beach bars don’t miss their legendary closing parties that will make you long to come back to this spectacular place!