Breathtaking sunsets in Mykonos

Meteorologists might argue that the summer north winds blowing over the Aegean help keep the atmosphere dry and transparent, enhancing the visibility and highlighting the spectacular colors of the sunset. Songwriters, authors, and painters travel thousand miles to be inspired by the beauties of the Cyclades; the sacred island of Delos -UNESCO World Heritage Site- and the neighboring Mykonos with the amazing coastline and rocking energy, starring at the center of this unique Archipelago. And when it comes to their works of art most of them will use them to pay tribute to the unprecedent sunsets that became their inspiration. Because nothing compares to watching the sun painting the skies with colors of unimaginable perfection as it hastily dives into the deep blue colors of the sea.

To start with, there is nothing more magical than experiencing the last minutes of daylight, sipping an iced cocktail, and listening to great music in one of Mykonos notorious beach bars.

If in town there are unique spots for impressing your Insta community with some of the most admirable sunset photos. Little Venice is one of those incomparable places where you can combine the fantastic sunset view with o gourmet dinner and drinks at one of its dozen picturesque bars, housed in beautiful old buildings.

Alternatively, you can walk up to the Windmills that overlook Little Venice, almost like its eternal loyal guardians. There are no venues here – just plenty of space for the ideal sunset selfie picture with unobstructed view.

Or else take a ride to the historical Armenistis lighthouse that is located 7 kilometers from Chora and is one of the oldest and most imposing lighthouses in the Aegean. Watching the lit-up ships coming and going to the harbor of Mykonos just after sunset is a stunning experience. No venues here as well; just take with you a bottle of local wine and savor the beauty. Finally, you can charter a sunset cruise and collect unforgettable memories of a night trip along the south coast ofMykonos and Delos.  Taking a last plunge onto the golden-like sea in the early evening before the sun sets will be a treasure to keep in your heart.