Fun facts about Mykonos

8+1 fun facts about Mykonos

Perhaps you believe you’ve already heard everything about the beauty and lifestyle of Mykonos. With the constant buzz and numerous publications each year highlighting its unique coastline and vibrant nightlife, people often consider themselves authentic connoisseurs of this Cycladic diamond that draws thousands of visitors annually. Nevertheless, there are still many facts about Mykonos that even its most frequent visitors might overlook. Here are a few!

1. From 500 BC to 320 BC, Mykonos was part of the Athenian prefecture, and as such, it paid taxes to Athens, the capital of Greece.

2. During the ancient Peloponnesian War, the Athenians faced such bad consequences that they decided to “purify” the sacred island of Delos. Consequently, it was forbidden for individuals to be born or buried there.

3. Around 1900 Mykonos was one of the most popular hangouts for pirates.

4. Back in the 1950s, fishing was officially taught in a school in the Little Venice neighborhood.

5. “Unless you have seen the houses in Mykonos, you can’t pretend to be an architect”. This quote belongs to the legendary French architect Le Corbusier who was in love with the narrow alleys and small whitewashed houses of Chora, the island’s capital.

What he might not have known is that, once upon a time, the houses on the island were painted blue, yellow, and even pink! This changed overnight due to the cholera plague, when it was decided by the authorities that they had to be covered with lime, the strongest disinfectant at the time. So, the next morning they were all painted white! Another reason for painting houses white across the Aegean is that this color helps houses stay cooler during the summer heat.

Discover the soul of Mykonos through its iconic blue-framed windows, where every shade tells a story of sun-soaked simplicity and Aegean charm!

6. Speaking of Mykonian residences, the only colors that are allowed for the doors and windows of the island’s houses are blue, green and red. This tradition dates back to a time when colors were used to signify the owners’ professions: blue for sailors, green for farmers, and red for all others.

7. Back in the ‘30s, Mykonos was a poor, sparsely populated island. It gained attention from artists and rich Europeans due to the excavations carried out by French archaeologists on the neighboring island of Delos.

8. Among the international movies that were filmed in Mykonos are The Bourne Identity (2002), Summer Lovers (1982), Shirley Valentine (1989), Greed (2019), The Greek Tycoon (1978) and Island of Death (1976).

9. Donkeys are a common sight in Mykonos, as in ancient times these sweet animals served asfaithful work companions. Most families owned a donkey, often using it as their primary means of transportation!

How many of these fun facts did you know?