Mykonos: Summer is only a breath away!

Mykonos: Summer is only a breath away!

There’s a very popular Greek song that says it’s not cold and it’s never been cold in Greece. If you add to that the also very popular proverb according to which, once, in February, the juices of nature start flooding in the underground of the hills and mountains, it will smell like summer, then you can understand why winter is always short in this beautiful corner of the Aegean Sea.

So, February is approaching, and there are only a few weeks left until the end of March when the international airport of Mykonos will start receiving flights from all over the world, with visitors eager to enjoy the magical Greek spring.

In any case, by the end of January, the island slowly starts to get crowded again. After the Christmas and New Year’s break, when many of its residents travel either to the mainland of Greece to visit family and friends or abroad for rest and new experiences, the ferries begin to fill up with those who come to the island to plan the summer season and start preparing for yet another legendary and explosive Mykonian summer.

Among the first tasks is the refreshing of the white paint on the island’s white-washed houses, alleys, and churches to erase any marks left by winter dampness. In Matoyannia, the island’s commercial hub, there’s a frenzy of activity as shops gear up to welcome visitors. New venues are opening, and specialists from Athens arrive on weekends to assist locals in organizing this year’s feast of entertainment. Artists and DJs are being booked, and new equipment is being ordered for clubs and beach bars. Simultaneously, the stunning beaches are undergoing thorough cleaning to ensure their golden sands shine once more.

Restaurants are busy crafting new menus for the season, proudly upholding Greece’s proclamation as the second-best country in the culinary sector.

And while according to the calendar it is still the season when in most parts of the western hemisphere the winter is still heavy and people are oriented to winter sports, Mykonos is already basking in sunny days that beckon people to sit outdoors and indulge in mouthwatering fresh fish lunches alongside local delicacies.

The first lucky ones arriving in Mykonos at the end of March will experience the breathtaking spring in the Cyclades, that is full of colors, aromas, and lush greenery, even more vibrant than the mid-summer landscape. From then on, there are only a few weeks until Orthodox Easter on the 5th of May, marking the official beginning of the summer party!