Mykonos: the “party animal” of the Cyclades!

Mykonos: the “party animal” of the Cyclades!

From explosive firework-laden club experiences to 5-star dining and exclusive live music bars, the nightlife of Mykonos is reason enough to travel to Greece during the summer. The world-famous rocking energy of the island starts building up since late May and reaches its peak between August and mid-September, establishing Mykonos as a top party destination along the Mediterranean coastline.

Known for its LGBTQ+ friendliness since the 1960s, long before the term even came into common use, this incredibly beautiful island of the Aegean archipelago is a haven for international music enthusiasts and free spirits.

Alongside destinations like Monte Carlo, Ibiza and St Tropez, Mykonos has been one of the international jet-setters favorite spots since the 1950s. Greek tycoons like Aristotle Onassis with Maria Callas and Stavros Niarchos, Hollywood stars like Marlon Brando, Grace Kelly and Richard Burton, worldwide celebrities like Jackie Kennedy and the “melancholic” Princess Soraya, were frantically chased by paparazzi around the narrow alleyways of the island’s town, as the once unknown island progressively gained its glittering identity with each passing summer.

Party vibes all day, everywhere!

Mykonos is both the inventor and embodiment of the party-vibe concept. In fact, the music and dancing here never stop. With the exception of a short pause between 8 am and 12 noon, when its happy visitors are soundly asleep, the beat at the beach-bars operating in almost all organized, sandy beaches, goes up from noon till after sundown. From then on, the parties are transferred to the live music bars of Little Venice and the nightclubs hosting nightly events featuring international DJs on the decks — many of whom also organize lively events on the beaches during the day.

It is advisable that visitors keep an eye on Mykonos’ event calendar, as parties and events are literally everywhere! There are all-day parties taking place in private villas, sunset parties, dawn-break parties, yacht-parties, and the story goes on. Just name your wish and see it happen. For instance, you can join a late afternoon yacht cruise, having on board one of the local top chefs who will craft for you a starry menu on one of the secluded and tranquil beaches. Alternatively, you can participate in one of Mykonos’ “panigyria” – local festivities of religious origin, where everybody is more than welcome to stay up all night dancing to the sounds of traditional instruments, drinking and indulging in barbecued pork chops!