Season opening in Mykonos

Yachting, shopping, club-hopping: season opening in Mykonos!

There are two types of people who can’t wait to arrange their tickets and accommodations for a trip to Mykonos. The first group consists of classic summer visitors who eagerly seek to experience the intensity and high energy of this remarkable island. Shining like a glittering jewel in the middle of the Aegean Sea, Mykonos Island is renowned for its incredible landscapes, golden sandy beaches, vibrant party scene, and the opportunity to witness the most beautiful sunset on the planet from the sacred nearby island of Delos — a magical place known for its unique antiquities and a glorious legacy rooted in Greek mythology.

Every summer, world celebrities flock to Mykonos, craving the chance to dance until dawn in notorious beach bars, savor their coffee or drinks in elegant bars with breathtaking views of the legendary windmills, or dine in exquisite restaurants offering the most exciting delicacies from around the world. Among them are some of the most famous people on the globe, ranging from tycoons and technology gurus to Hollywood stars, royals, footballers, and racing pilots. Many of them arrive on the island via private jets or yachts, typically between early July and mid-September. Mykonos always stands ready to welcome them, providing top-notch services and ensuring they have the time of their lives for the duration of their stay.

The other group of Mykonos enthusiasts are the ‘season-openers,’ who arrive between May and June, knowing that this is the best time to experience the island’s true magic. Spring provides the perfect opportunity to feel like you have the island to yourself. You can choose to visit different, almost deserted beaches each day and enjoy water sports facilities at your own pace. Alternatively, you may opt for an almost private guided tour to explore the imposing Byzantine monasteries on the mainland or the ancient monuments of Delos.

During this time of year, the weather is generally mild, the sea is calm, and the temperatures are warm enough for swimming or enjoying outdoor dining in the evenings. However, do not think that the season-opening means missing out on the island’s usual explosive energy that keeps it alive day and night throughout the summer. Yachting, shopping, and club-hopping are activities that never wane while you are in the Cyclades!

As the first visitors of the new season, you will be warmly welcomed by the locals, who will offer great deals for private yachting and fishing tours. If you’re lucky enough, they may even invite you to join them for a glass of the strong, spicy tsipouro drink, while sharing fascinating stories about how Mykonos became a legendary destination in the Aegean.