Starting the year with hopes and wishes

Usually, January, February and March are the coldest months in Greece. Even in the islands of the Cyclades, where the climate is milder than in the northern part of the country, temperatures remain low. There are even a few —not many though— possibilities of snowing!

January and February are two very quiet months; and not only this year, due to the COVID-19 lockdowns all over the world. Especially February is usually the quietest period of the whole year. This month is also called “drunk”, because of its unstable weather and because it marks the time for pruning vines and planting new ones. People often say that when February’s “veins” (underground streams) get filled with water, the air will start smelling like summer!

Under normal circumstances, somewhere between February and March people celebrate the Carnival (“Apokries” in Greek). In Mykonos, like in the rest of the country, celebrations are full of inspiration, including group masquerades, singing, dancing, joking and a lot of wine drinking. The peak of this… foolery comes on Fat Thursday (“Tsiknopempti”), a day when barbecuing is an undisputable must, and then on the last Sunday, also called “Great Carnival Sunday”. The day after, known as Clean Monday, with people traditionally flying kites in the countryside, is the beginning of a 40day Fasting period that will end on Easter day.

Of course, the pandemic that started almost a year ago has changed everything — and all these wonderful traditions are put on ice, until next year.

This is the year to choose optimism

We choose to be optimistic, though; after all, before we even know it, summer smells will start flooding the sky of Mykonos. The first works for the coming season usually begin during the last days of February. The locals become tireless busy bees, whitewashing the walls of their houses, repainting doors, and window shutters, fixing their boats, renovating shops, reequipping the beaches, and preparing for the notorious Mykonian holiday frenzy!

What they hope, along with the rest of the world, is that at the end of the winter the pandemic will start receding, allowing us to gradually retrieve our lives.

By then, Mykonos will be ready to welcome its visitors from all over the planet to show them the irresistible beauties of this rare Aegean diamond; sunny skies, crystal-clear azure-blue waters, golden sandy beaches, a fascinating landscape and an amazing coastline, exceptional food and rocking nightlife and, most of all, the most heartwarming hospitality in a paradise where luxury is a true art!  

From all of us at M Mykonos Villas, best wishes for a safe and happy New Year!