Mykonos: hoping for a safer summer ahead!

Mykonos: hoping for a safer summer ahead

Early March and the vaccination race opens the window to a summer with hopefully less restrictions than those of last year. Accurate predictions are hard to make, of course, but the warm, dry climate of the ever-sunny Cycladic islands adds more hope for an as Covid-free as possible holiday season.

The magical journey to Mykonos starts from the moment the plane starts descending towards the island’s International Airport. Below your feet, the Aegean Sea looks like a cobalt blue carpet, decorated with smaller and bigger rocks spread in a circle. No wonder why this part of the Archipelago is called Cyclades; from the Greek word kyklos that means circle. The islands here form a rough circle around the sacred island of Delos, neighboring to Mykonos, which, according to the myth, was the birthplace of Artemis, ancient goddess of hunting and her brother Apollo, god of music. Once in Mykonos don’t miss the opportunity to take a fascinating daily guided tour there, as it is one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece.

And the “not to miss” list doesn’t end here, for Mykonos hides a paradise in every corner. From the amazing coastline with dozens sandy beaches, where the crystal-clear waters have the most beautiful azure colors you’ve ever seen, to the mouthwatering cuisine and the legendary nightlife, for more than 7 decades Mykonos has been and still is the top international destination for trendsetters and celebrities from around the globe.

You will love it for its most picturesque neighborhoods like Little Venice, its narrow alleys, crowded with boutiques that don’t close before midnight and bars where drinks are being served till early in the morning, when the small, elegant café open their doors. You will love it for the wild parties at the beach bars, the beautiful Byzantine monasteries and the whitewashed chapels “hanging” at the top of dry, rocky cliffs. You will love it for the endless opportunities of having fun by enjoying extreme watersports, yachting, shopping, and feeling like this super exciting place of the earth was made especially for you, to have the time of your life!

Keep in mind, however, that even if you’ve been vaccinated you will still need to take safety precautions — so get ready to pack your masks and hand sanitizers, too! 😷