The 5 best photo spots in Mykonos

The 5 best photo spots in Mykonos

Sure, there are many places on the beautiful island of Mykonos that give you the opportunity to fill your Instagram feed with gorgeous photos! But if we had to single out the top five, they would be the following.

The Windmills of Mykonos

The trademark of the Cyclades, the windmills or “Kato Mili”, is definitely a must-visit site in Mykonos! The mills are standing majestically on the south side of the island’s capital, right across Little Venice, facing the Aegean Sea. Such a special scenery deserves to be photographed at sunrise for the absolute people-free experience! Just let the peace and serenity inspire you.

Little Venice

The charming houses with their colorful balconies overlooking the sea set up one of the best photographic spots on the island! After enjoying your coffee or cocktail, simply get lost in Little Venice’s gorgeous alleyways and take some captivating photos.

A stunning viewpoint over Mykonos Town

Only 10 minutes away from Mykonos Town (or “Chora”, as locals call it), this unique point of view will give you the opportunity not only to take enchanting photos but also to gaze at the turquoise waters and the picture-postcard whitewashed houses of Mykonos from above! To see it on the map, follow this link:

The “Happiness” store

Walking down the picturesque alleys of the island, you should absolutely stop at the clothing store called #happiness. Some of you might already know it from their “#HAPPINESS” door that is becoming quite popular on Instagram, especially during summer. You may prefer to take photos while it’s closed and crowdless; however, it is also worth visiting the store while open and full of people. This little gem will fill your heart with positive feelings!

Armenistis Lighthouse

Last but not least, a great spot to capture the sunset is the famous lighthouse of Mykonos. Armenistis is located north of Agios Stefanos beach and the ride is a little bit adventurous; but this is definitely the right place to take a deep breath and appreciate the beauty of our world.